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Mary Toth

A Creative Professional with a background in Art, Education, and Administration.

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Instructional Design Inquiry: marytoth@usf.edu

Illustration Inquiry: mtillustrations@gmail.com

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Hello and Welcome

Meet Mary, a multi-talented artist and educator based in sunny Florida. With a passion for both illustration and instructional design, she skillfully combines her creativity and expertise to bring captivating visuals and effective learning experiences to life.

Since 2018, Mary has been freelancing as an illustrator, drawing inspiration from the breathtaking nature, wildlife, and vibrant colors that surround her. Her love for traditional media, particularly watercolor, gouache, and colored pencils, adds a unique and authentic touch to her creations.

Beyond her work as an illustrator, she is actively immersing herself in the realm of Educational Design and Technology through her ongoing studies. Currently, she contributes her skills and knowledge to the University of South Florida, where she engages in shaping innovative educational experiences. Pursuing her commitment to continuous growth, she is completing a Masters in Learning Design and Technology with a specialized focus on E-Learning Design and Development.

While embracing her passion for instructional design, Mary firmly believes in nurturing her freelance illustration business. She cherishes the opportunity to take on limited, yet inspiring, client projects, and equally important, dedicates time to her personal artistic endeavors.

With a bright vision for the future, Mary has aspirations to publish her own books, blending her artistic flair with the power of educational storytelling. By embracing both her roles as an illustrator and instructional designer, she seeks to create a harmonious fusion of creativity and learning, leaving a lasting impact on her audience.