E-Portfolio Introduction

Welcome to my graduate portfolio website, showcasing my journey through the Master’s program in Learning Design and Technology at the University of South Florida, with a concentration in E-Learning and development. Throughout my academic pursuit, I have strived to align my work with the five AECT standards, ensuring that my portfolio reflects my growth and expertise in educational technology and instructional design.

Let’s begin with AECT Standard 1, which revolves around content knowledge and the ability to create, use, assess, and manage educational technologies and processes. I’ve demonstrated this standard through several portfolio artifacts. For instance, the Interactive Infographic, created in the EME 6613 course, showcases my proficiency in using tools like Articulate 360, Adobe Photoshop, and Camtasia to design an engaging, informative resource for USF faculty engaged in online course development. This project is an embodiment of how I’ve harnessed my knowledge to create practical educational technology solutions.

Moving on to Standard 2, which emphasizes content pedagogy and the effective implementation of educational technologies based on contemporary content and pedagogy. I’ve showcased my abilities through artifacts like the Augmented Reality Design, where I explored the potential of AR in education. In this artifact, I created an AR learning game for young children, demonstrating my ability to connect technology with content and pedagogical principles to enhance learning experiences.

Standard 3 centers around learning environments, which I’ve embraced in artifacts like the Connected Learning Booklet. In this project, I fostered a sense of connectedness within a learning community by encouraging individuals to create and share miniature books. The booklet promotes autonomy in the learning process and exemplifies how I design effective learning environments that facilitate collaborative and creative learning experiences.

Standard 4 highlights professional knowledge and skills, focusing on designing, developing, implementing, and evaluating technology-rich learning environments within a supportive community of practice. My Project Proposal and Midterm Presentation exemplify this standard as I played a crucial role in leading a team to design a gamified learning experience for hospital employees, showcasing my skills in project management, job analysis, and evaluation.

Finally, Standard 5 emphasizes research, exploration, and application of methods of inquiry to enhance learning and improve performance. My Distance Education Infographic and Research Proposal signify my dedication to research and data-driven decision-making. The infographic highlights the history of educational communications and technology, reflecting my ability to synthesize research and present information effectively. The research proposal, developed in collaboration with a group, demonstrates my ability to formulate research questions and explore educational concerns through qualitative research methodologies.

As you explore my portfolio, you’ll see how each artifact aligns with the AECT standards and reflects my academic goals within the program. I’ve grown as a learning design and technology professional, honing my skills in content knowledge, content pedagogy, learning environments, professional knowledge, and research.

I invite you to delve deeper into my portfolio to witness the evolution of my skills and knowledge. Thank you for joining me on this educational exploration, and I hope my portfolio serves as a testament to my commitment to excellence in the field of Learning Design and Technology.